2021 SE Regional SDB Preliminary Draft Program

All times Eastern Daylight Time

With the exception of the undergraduate flash talks in Session 2, all short talks will be 10 minutes (2 minutes for questions) and flash talks will be 3 minutes (2 minutes for questions). Question session will transfer to Slack at the conclusion of each talk.


Day 1: Tuesday May 18, 2021


Session 1, Stem Cells and Regeneration  10 am-12:15 pm

Session Chair: José García-Arrarás, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus


Invited Talk: Beth Thompson, Associate Professor, East Carolina University, Tissue-specific transcriptomics     reveal functional differences in maize floral development.

Flash Talk: Bidushi Chandra, University of Georgia, Characterizing planarian glial and the role of ets-1 in         glial cell regeneration

Short Talk: Michael Piacentino, California Institute of Technology, Temporal changes in lipid metabolism         control neural crest epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and plasma membrane fluidity

Short Talk: Juan Rodriguez, Emory University, Regulation of embryonic cell specification by histone                 methylation

Flash Talk: Ciro Amato, NIEHS, Our differences make us complete: The identification of novel cell                     populations in penis development and their involvement in hypospadias

Invited Talk: Katie Kathrein, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, Ing4-deficiency enhances hematopoietic stem cell quiescence despite increased inflammatory signaling


Session 2,  Education for all!  2:00 pm- 4:30 pm

Session Chairs: Yvette Langdon, Millsaps College and April DeLaurier, Univ of South Carolina-Aiken

Undergrad Flash Talks, 8 minutes each

Zhidong Wang, Bob Jones University, Acetaminophen Induces Craniofacial Cartilage Defects and                         Widespread Developmental Abnormalities in Zebrafish

Olivia Bussey, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Establishing the Role of TBX20/TLE Interaction in       Cardiac Development

Anna Williams, East Carolina University, ß-Importins promote ovarian cyst formation in Drosophila

Short Talk: Stephen Kluszka, Clayton State University, The Genomics Education Partnership: A community         of practice that expands learning and research opportunities for students and faculty at diverse                 institutions using genomics

Panel Discussion: 

Closing the gap on cultural disparities during scientific and professional training


Derek Applewhite, Associate Professor, Reed College

Whitney Edwards, Fellow, Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators in Research & Education (SPIRE), Univ of North         Carolina

Alex Howard, Director of Wellness and Prevention Services, Appalachian State University


Day 2:  Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Session 3, Evolution & Development  10 am-12:15 pm

Session Chair: Elizabeth Ables, East Carolina University


Invited Talk: Elizabeth Duncan, University of Kentucky, A conserved chromatin signature marks genes               essential for planarian stem cell function   

Flash Talk: Rida Osman, University of Georgia, Apparent Reduction in Visual Acuity in Albino Anolis sagrei         Lizards

Short Talk: Sukhada Samudra, University of Georgia, Shh pathway induction and primary cilia in Anolis             sagrei, an emerging reptilian model system

Short Talk: Kasey Benesh, Florida Atlantic University, Maternal effects contribute to sleep loss and                   variation in brain morphology of larval cavefish

Flash Talk: Dilara Anbarci, Duke University, Rediscovering the Rete Ovarii

Invited Talk: Adam Reitzel, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, The intersections of the microbiome         and development in the cnidarian Nematostella vectensis


Session 4, Organogenesis  2:00pm-4:00 pm

 Session Chair: Yvette Langdon, Millsaps College

Invited Talk: Joshua Bloomekatz, University of Mississippi, Investigating the developmental trajectories of         early cardiac cell-types: Identification of a common origin for extraembryonic and cardiac tissues   

Short Talk: Taylor Johnson, East Carolina University, Adult mammalian testes utilize multiple mechanisms       to restrict spermatogonial responsiveness to retinoic acid and ensure proper spermatogenic                       progression

Short Talk: Samuel Honeycutt, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Stromal deletion of Ntn1 affects       renal vascular networks and kidney development

Short Talk: Barbara Nicol, NIEHS, From Granulosa Cells To Oocytes: The Transcription Factor RUNX1                 Controls the Stock of Oocytes in the Developing Ovary

Keynote Talk: Michael Barresi, Smith College, From radial glia to neural crest migration, it’s an ordered             chaos that seems to build the brain.  


Optional Social on Gather.Town  4:00pm-5:00 pm

We encourage participants to assemble on Gather Town to socialize, ask speakers or panelists follow up questions and have a little bit of that organic interaction we all miss when meetings are virtual. Link will be provided to all registrants.


Day 3: Thursday, May 20, 2021


Session 5, Cell Biology of Development   10 am-12:15 pm

Session Chair: April DeLaurier, Univ of South Carolina-Aiken


Invited Talk: Matreyi Das, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Spatiotemporal reactivation of polarized             cell growth upon completion of cell division          

Flash Talk: Daniel Halloran, University of Delaware, Utilizing Quantum Dot®s to Visualize Bone                           Morphogenetic Protein-2 During Development

Short Talk: Shannon Dupont, Duke University, Regulation of mammalian sex determination by histone               demethylases

Short Talk: Gary Gerlach, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Uncovering the Podocyte Foot Process       Proteome

Flash Talk: Saniya Rattan, NIEHS, Notch signaling in somatic cell development in fetal mouse ovaries

Short Talk: Thao Phuong Le, Louisiana State University, Roles of the Drosophila filamin-type protein                 Jitterbug during development

Invited Talk: Vivian Gama, Vanderbilt University, Modeling the impact of mitochondrial fission during                 human neurogenesis      

Session 6, Morphogenesis  2:00pm-4:00 pm

Session Chair: Cortney Bouldin, Appalachian State University 


Invited talk: SeYeon Chung, Louisiana State University, Mechanisms underlying Drosophila salivary gland         invagination        

Flash Talk: Emily Wilson, East Carolina University, Hyaluronan Critically Regulates Synaptic Networks in           the Developing Human Cortex

Short Talk: Sade Clayton, University of Alabama, TGFβ signaling inhibition disrupts resegmentation during       development of the spinal column in Gallus gallus domesticus

Short Talk: Carlos Patiño Descovich, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;, An unexpected role for the       LGN homolog AGS3 in promoting planar divisions during epidermal morphogenesis.

Flash Talk: Aaron Alcala, University of Georgia, Identifying the direct regulatory targets of TBX5 in                     developing external genitalia

Short Talk: Jennifer McKey, Duke University, Integration of ovary morphogenesis with developmental                 dynamics of the oviduct, ovarian ligaments, and rete ovarii

Invited talk: Alberto Stolfi, Georgia Institute of Technology, Pax3/7 regulates neural tube closure in the             invertebrate chordate, Ciona  

Photo by Denys Kostyuchenko